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Rental Property Insurance

Rental Property Insurance

Do you own a rental house or multi-unit dwelling? Do you have a larger apartment complex or multiple single-family homes that you rent out? If so, you need coverage under a rental property insurance policy. Pflueger Insurance Agency, servicing eastern Pennsylvania as well as New Jersey and New York states, specializes in insuring rental properties and the individuals who own and manage them.

Protection for You

A landlord protection policy is especially valuable for individuals with a single rental home or other small rental-property investments. This liability coverage protects owners and their spouses or domestic partners against issues such as

  • Wrongful eviction
  • Wrongful entry
  • Libel and slander
  • Personal injury claims
  • A variety of other non-bodily injury claims

Protection for Your Property

A lessors policy will help to protect your rental property in the event of a natural disaster, theft, vandalism and so on. Coverage can also be purchased to insure outbuildings, pools, tennis courts and other facilities on your rental property.

Protection for Your Business

Depending on the size and scope of your rental business, you may need other business coverage as well. Some of the policy options available through Pflueger Insurance Agency include

  • Workers compensation insurance to protect employees
  • Surety bonds to protect your business against promises made by others
  • Loss of income coverage in the event of power outages, natural disasters and other covered disasters
  • Employee dishonesty coverage
  • Data storage protection and identity theft coverage
  • Commercial vehicle coverage to protect any business-owned vehicles as well as employees driving their own vehicles on company business
  • Business personal property coverage to protect against loss of office equipment, inventory, tools and other company property

To learn more about rental property insurance from Pflueger Insurance Agency, contact us at your earliest convenience. To get started today, request your free online quote now. We look forward to helping you protect your real estate investments.